Our territory offers a large number of sites both natural and built, all with a volcanic influence. Near our house, you will be able to discover fantastic landscapes, made of these famous “sucs”, volcanic residues forming small domes so typical and geologically unique in Europe.

Country of volcanoes

Lots of viewpoints will allow you to have a look at beautiful landscapes, such as le Pic du Lizieux  or le Rocher de Queyrieres .
Because the Haute Loire department is a country of volcanoes, it will know how to seduce you thanks to a large diversity and a big amount of different sites.

The wild Loire River

The Haute Loire department is the cradle of the Loire river, our longest river in France but also the last wild river in Europe. The Mount Gerbier de Jonc, neighbor of our highest Haute Loire peak (The Mont Mezenc) sees the start of the river which crosses our region to pursue its way to the ocean. Come and follow the new born river to discover magnificent small villages, steep and green gorges but also The first castles on the edge of the Loire  such as the Castle of Rochebaron, in about 15km from our home.

You can also choose to go to the Gorge of the Allier River, which are also worth a look! Some beautiful heights and bends to admire gorges and breathtaking landscapes, a small tourist train will allow you to reach totally exceptional views!

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But let’s not forget our heritage!

Heritage and History territory, the Haute Loire shelters in particular the famous city of le Puy en Velay, capital of the Department.

Nature in Haute Loire
Puy en Velay

Le Puy-en-Velay

City of Art and History, registered on the UNESCO world Heritage, the city is situated in the southeast of the Auvergne region, at the heart of our department and is the starting point of the « Via Podiensis » towards Santiago de Compostella in Spain. The city of “Volcanic hill”  is before any an exceptional site. Protected from time infringements, it is full of surprises for visitors. Take advantage of the city by looking at the Cathedral, visit the Convent, climb on the Corneille Rock and its statue of Notre Dame de France, or still the Rock of St Michel l’Aiguilhe.


There is lots around the city of Le Puy en Velay and spread out in the whole department, many more villages are worth visiting for their monuments and local heritage : the Castle of Chavania Lafayette, Moudeyres and Bigorre for their roofs made of lauze and thatch, Chalancon with its stone houses and its steep location, churches, abbeys, Romanic basilicas such as Lavaudieu, la Chaise Dieu, St Julien Chapteuil or Biroude, bakers ‘ovens in many villages, the houses of the blissful, so specific of the Haute Loire, … You now have understood how many points of interest our region can show you!

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