You can choose to start discovering our region by visiting local open markets, among which the largest one is the one in Yssingeaux on Thursday mornings, just only a few minutes away from our home.

Lots of holidays and local festivals also take place all year round but some large-scale parties have to be underlined … The classical music Festival of la Chaise Dieu  of course, at the end of August, but also the famous Medieval Party of Roi de l’Oiseau in le Puy en Velay in September , The Country music Festival in Craponne sur Arzon at the end of July, the Music Festival of Copper Instruments in Monastier sur Gazeille mid August, and, in a very different way, but also to relax , the Festival of the laughter in Yssingeaux at the very beginning of September.


National Museum of Lace

In this domain also, you see that our country does not miss entertainments! Without speaking on cinemas or theater surroundings, museums such as the National Museum of the Lace in Retournac, the Hotel Dieu Museum in Le Puy en Velay , the Mining Museum in St Etienne,  Corbusier sites in Firminy for architecture…

Finally, the most manual, artists and handymen can choose to attend training courses or simply some initiation sessions with one of our numerous local creative craftsmen:

Our friend Cécile, ceramicist, will help you work with Earth and Soil.

Therèse will make you discover any straw sorts to cane, reseat

Paintings or other one objects which you wish to expose?

Contact Marilyne, also in St Maurice. Picture framer of art, she will show you how to help you paintings.

But if you’d rather go for a gastronomic discovery of local and regional food, you will also find plenty of possibilities. Please have a look at our page on Gastronomy.

Gastronomy in Haute Loire