You probably know that our region also offers numerous specialties and symbolic products: the green lentils of le Puy en Velay, the Verbena tea or liquor, the mountain delicatessen and the famous Auvergne sausage or dry ham, the « red velay pearls » label (blueberries, black current, raspberries and other small red berries;

So, everything is made for you to taste our specialties: restaurants, markets, farms…


logo-bon-bien-mangerIn the evening, you can choose to share our table d’hôte where Agnès prepares simple dishes but with real local and country products. We are members of the charter of Bon et Bien Manger, so you will be able to taste the green lentils, cooked in many different ways (velouté, cakes, pies…) but also regional cheeses, homemade red fruits deserts… Otherwise, you can also decide to try one of our small local restaurants, (we do provide you with a list of possible restaurants).

The most fortunate can even taste the quintessential cooking from Auvergne during a visit at our star chefs:

Régis Marcon, three stars in St-Bonnet le Froid (25 minutes), or Bibs and Toques d’auvergne : Vidal  in St-Julien Chapteuil, les Cèdres bleus in Aurec or even Châtelard...

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Gastronomy in Auvergne, France